Technology brings Smart Shoes

Wired model of  high tech running shoe – Fraunhofer institute        

Technology makes every gadgets, utensils and even apparels to get smarter now a days. Smartwatches, Smartwig and much more have already make their appearance, its time for Running shoes to get smarter.  Researchers from Fraunhofer institute in Germany join hands with other universities and shoe manufacturers to build a running smart shoes that has sensors to transmit data to smartphone and then to a computer. This Smart shoe invention was mainly focused for athletes to measure the gait of the users and use these measured data to suggest the runners to alter the methods to avoid injuries.

Sensors and Microelectronics are installed in the sole of the shoe and these can be charged by placing the shoe on a charger. Dr. Andreas Heinig a scientist claimed that ” Pulse rate watches and chest straps record only vital signs like breathing and heart rate. In contrast our running shoe medically evaluates and monitors training while jogging . It informs the runner for example of incorrect foot position, asymmetric loading or warns of exhaustion or overload. There has never been a comparable device before”. This smart shoe invention will be really handy for athletes who often faces injuries or torn muscles during training.

This shoe comprises accelerometers and GPS sensors that capture the biomechanical signals from the users body and transmits it to through Bluetooth to the runners smartphone. A Smartphone app was also developed to evaluate the data received from the smart shoe and gives training feedback to the athlete. The team also added that the app makes suggestions about running form or a training routine. The data can be further taken to a website for further processing, evaluation and display. Soon i guess this smart shoe technology can be developed in  such a way to replace trainers with servers and log in accounts for each athlete.

A prototype of this smart shoe and the cellphone app is already done. However the researchers are still working on smaller version of microelectronics and sensors. The need of making this smart shoe waterproof, light and durable is a big challenge before the researchers. This running smart shoe will be available for sale by the beginning of the year 2015.

Source: Fraunhofer

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