Stick N Find Technology using Smart Stickers


The smart world getting smarter as many companies have been working to make this world even smarter.To this smart world a new “Stick N Find” technology was introduced which helps you to find objects by means of your smartphone or tablets.This technology uses a Small sticker which emits a low energy radio wave known as “Low Bluetooth energy”.This energy was used by the mobile phones to detect the presence Smart Sticker which can be adhered to any of your possession like wallets,keys etc.


This technology was demonstrated by  Buchheim on the floor  of the world’s largest cellphone trade show in Barcelona,Spain.In this he tried to find his keys using his iPod touch following the details shown by his gadget regarding the presence of his keys.After sometime he was able to find his lost keys using his iPod touch.By this way the Stick N Find helped him to find his lost keys.Stick N Find technology wants to give people a way to find things by using their mobile phones.

Everybody knows this is not  a new thing to come out in market sending out radio signal and using phone to pick it up.But the new radio technology known as “Bluetooth Low Energy” which reduces the battery power to great extent.It can be powered by a watch type battery that lasts upto two years without recharging.According to the company the signal can be picked as far as 300 meters away under ideal circumstances.But on the floor of the wireless show with a multiple Wi-Fi transmitters jamming the airwaves the range was roughly 20 feet.

Even though it was very useful in locating things it do has some downside.One of the downside to this Bluetooth Low Energy is it cost $50 for two stickers.Another downside is that few devices can pick up the signals.The latest two iPhones can do it as the latest iPod touches and iPads.The latest Samsung smartphones work too.So these two things seems to be little disappointing about this technology.But whatever devices we may use it wont tell you the exact location of the sticker.All it can tell is how far you are from the sticker.You have determine the position of the sticker by walking around and checking you are getting hotter or colder.

Users can also setup virtual leash between a sticker and a Bluetooth device.Depending on the settings when two devices move a certain distance away from each other sticker starts beeping or the device screen shows alert so that you can be assured of not leaving things behind in your car or your house.Buchheim says that the company has plans to add direction finding features.Stick N Find is working with a museum that’s interested in putting stickers on its exhibits so they can issue tablets or other devices to visitors that can sense the proximity of the exhibits and give details about the statue.

This new Stick N Find could end up as a technology for the blind one that tells them where their belongings are and helps to guide them.This technology will be lot helpful even though this has some downfall still it was handy for the people.

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