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Collision avoidance system

Automation is started to rule the world now a days.This paper is also about automation in automobiles so as to avoid the road accidents by using Microcontrollers.Even road safety measures and equipment are evolving for many decades its not still enough to protect many human lives from road accidents.So this paper provide you a new idea that how to make an automated system using Microcontroller to prevent road collision.



In this paper we have implemented ideas such as pre-crash sensing,ultrasonic sensor is proposed to use to sense the object in front of the vehicle and gives the signal to the Microcontroller unit then this Microcontroller will sends a signal to the to the break unit of the automobile for automatically applying the break for the automobile.The break will be applied automatically based on the throttle control logic fed into the Microcontroller unit so therfore it also prevents the vehicle from the risk of skidding.This automated system uses Actuators,Distance measuring sensors and electronic control module.

This Automated system will be highly useful in case of any bad weather so that the visibility of the road is zero.And moreover it will be useful for vehicles travelling in high traffic areas.So this system will be more efficient since it was fully automated and also it was cost effective and moreover it does not require large space for installation in the vehicle.



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