3 km ranged FM transmitter circuit

Click image for large resolution FM transmitters have been used all over the world for communication. The simplicity of building a FM circuit made it so popular among other modulation techniques. Today i have come up with FM transmitter circuit which has a range of about 3 Km approximately. The circuit diagram was pretty wide and […]


10 best IOT Software Platforms

IOT comprises of two components Hardware and Software where these components supports each other to build a highly adaptive IOT devices. Better the Hardware and Software platforms used better the user experience will be. Previously i have published an article based on 10 best IOT hardware platforms  In Sequel to that we are going to […]


10 best IOT Hardware platforms

IOT is growing rapidly and we are not far from days where our machines can interact with each other and act accordingly. In fact we will be left behind if we don’t adapt or learn this amazing technology. Here is a list of 10 best IOT hardware platforms which will help us to learn and […]


Remote controlled LED lighting effects

LED’s have become most important component in lighting industry due to its miniature size and less power consumption. Also LED lights are lot more attractive than the primitive lights used once. This project focused on building an remote controlled LED with multiple lighting effects. Imagine setting the mood of your room using remote, will be […]