Super cheap $2 Cable Tracer circuit

Today i have come up with a very useful tool for any technician, especially for network technicians. You often find yourself in a ball of cables, looking to find the correct one. Worry no more, this circuit is going to help finding correct cable for you. I have designed and built a simple cheap cable […]


Miles Glynn’s Animals #celebratephotography

We love how fuzzy with nostalgia this series by Miles Glynn feels! From Creators: Glynn favors a gauzy or sometimes grainy finish to his photos and says that he is consistently striving to make something original within the framework of his own style. “My aim in creating and maintaining my personal aesthetic is to create […]


Raspberry Turk: The amazing chess-playing robot with a Raspberry Pi hidden inside @Raspberry_Pi #PiDay #RaspberryPi

Check out Joey Meyer’s Raspberry Turk build featured in The MagPi Magazine. Joey Meyer’s Raspberry Turk is an ingenious chess-playing robot that was inspired by the eighteenth-century ‘Mechanical Turk’. While the latter machine had a human player concealed inside to determine its moves, the Raspberry Turk uses a Raspberry Pi 3 as its brain. The […]