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Video from J Scott Christianson on YouTube Read more on Instructables Featured Adafruit Product! 16×8 1.2″ LED Matrix + Backpack : What’s better than a single LED? Lots of LEDs! And what’s better than lots of LEDs? TWO TIMES AS MANY LEDS!!! With the 16×8 LED Matrix Backpack we’ve doubled your project’s matrix capacity by […]


How to Use Tech to Protect Astronauts from Radiation #WearableWednesday #wearabletech #tech #space #NASA

Astronauts on the International Space Station don’t have to worry about radiation because of the protection of the earth’s magnetic field, however, future astronauts on missions to Mars will face the issue. Israeli  developer, StemRad, has created a vest that enables certain critical areas to be protected from radiation according to Reuters. Called AstroRad, it uses contoured […]


NeoPixel Top Hat #WearableWednesday

Nice top hat project from Visual comedy & Effects on YouTube! Every Wednesday is Wearable Wednesday here at Adafruit! We’re bringing you the blinkiest, most fashionable, innovative, and useful wearables from around the web and in our own original projects featuring our wearable Arduino-compatible platform, FLORA. Be sure to post up your wearables projects in […]


Gesture controlled car using Arduino

Who doesn’t love playing with RC cars and Robots. Not only playing, engineers and enthusiasts like us love to build and experiment with these stuffs. Also its fair to say that RC’s and Robots have became more than just toys, they already have started to integrate into our life slowly. But to take this to […]


IOT based Home automation and Security system

IOT has become huge trend in the last couple of years. With growing needs in connected devices many companies have shifted the attention to iot market. Today we are going to share a simple project which we have built –  IOT based  home automation and security systems using Arduino MKR1000. Hope you will like this […]