Snarlingly Realistic Monster Sculptures #ArtTuesday

Karen Main’s sculptures are seriously scary! Via Creators: A balance between the bizarre and beautiful finds its meeting point in the warped sculptural world of Karen Main. Her sculptures, which often feature tangles of eyeballs and teeth, look as if the innards of some strange creature have been turned inside out and are now looking […]


Tezi Gabunia Encourages Viewers to Interact with Series Complete the Painting #ArtTuesday

Loving this concept from Tezi Gabunia via designboom: georgian-based multidisciplinary artist tezi gabunia’s art installation, ‘complete the painting’, reflects on the interactive trend of contemporary art. the series of painting encourages communication between the observer and the artist, where different scenarios are painted on large, life-size canvases. ‘the plot is incomplete and obscure, so the […]


Tiny Icons by Yunjung Seo #ArtTuesday

Via Design Collector. Every Tuesday is Art Tuesday here at Adafruit! Today we celebrate artists and makers from around the world who are designing innovative and creative works using technology, science, electronics and more. You can start your own career as an artist today with Adafruit’s conductive paints, art-related electronics kits, LEDs, wearables, 3D printers […]


Artist Layers Acrylic Landscape Photos into Multidimensional Installations #ArtTuesday

via My Modern Met In his ongoing series of contemplative and conceptual Layer Drawings, Japanese artist Nobuhiro Nakanishi continues to artistically explore perspectives and alter perceptions. Nakanishi composes his eye-catching installations with photographs taken over an extended period of time. Depicting unassuming environments and natural phenomena like tranquil forests and simple sunsets, the photos capture crisp snapshots of moments that would otherwise […]


Felt Bodega Sells Out #ArtTuesday

If you don’t know the word “bodega” you’ve probably spent your whole life in the Pacific Northwest. Bodegas are little convenience stores where you can buy essentials, loosies, and bags of ice. That sort of thing. And in New York, folks make them out of felt. – via HYPERALLERGIC The only bodega that can afford […]


@PublicLab to the Rescue With Eyes in the Sky and Tech #CitizenScience #environment #tech #diy #science

This past weekend I joined Public Lab in West Virginia for a regional Barnraising event to hear testimony about the environmental issues faced by the community and to share helpful resources. Public Lab brings people together around the world to investigate environmental issues using open source tools often created by their members. West Virginia’s challenges include […]


Trust Me I’m An Artist: Ethics Surrounding Art & Science Collaborations #ArtTuesday

Via We Make Money Not Art Do artists using biotechnological materials and scientific processes have the same obligations, rights and responsibilities as scientists? Or should they enjoy more liberties and particular prerogatives? And finally, do art and science collaborations bring about new ethical dilemmas, new debates and challenges? A group exhibition open until Sunday evening […]