Solar powered Beacon circuit

Demo setup – Ensure your circuit is protected by direct sunlight Beacons are used for the purpose of guiding travelers or marking significant places or things. In early days fire and light serves as beacon for travelers as explorers. Nowadays beacon have evolved very much from fire and light. While on a trek i have […]


Efficient Six-Legged Robot #Biomimicry

Via Inverse Why aren’t there more real-life robots like BB-8? It seems roboticists are more concerned with building bots that mimic what we see in the natural world. But sometimes, the solution found in nature is not the optimal one. In a paper published this week in the journal Nature Communications, a group of roboticists […]


Plug and Play board for ESP8266-01 module

ESP8266-01 have gained a great popularity among enthusiasts and hobbyists because of its small size and easy to use functionality. But still being a 3.3v power supply and not able to use it in General purpose bread board can be little annoying when you are testing and prototyping with it. To overcome this I thought […]


Door/Window alarm circuit

Door or Window alarm circuit have been used widely in many homes to detect intrusion. A simple search in internet might fetch you lot of alarms for you to buy. But making your own alarm will be something special and that’s the purpose of this article. For this article i have reverse engineered a window alarm […]

Signal processing

What causes jitter?

There are several causes of jitter, some of there are: System phenomena, such as cross-talk from radiated or conducted signals, dispersion effects, and impedence mismatches. Data-dependent phenomena, due to the pattern of data in the bitstream data. This can result in inter-symbol interference, duty-cycle distortion, and pseudorandom periodicity in the bitstream. Random-noise phenomena, caused by […]