Smart Vehicle using Arduino Uno

Everything around us is getting smart shoes, watches glasses. Even you might have come across news regarding smart vehicles in newspaper. Likewise we attempted to create a prototype of smart vehicle using Arduino. Let’s get into the building part of our smart vehicle. INPUT PERIFERALS: Potentiometer – For Controlling the speed of our vehicle L293D Motor […]


Wireless notice board using Arduino and GSM

Everyone would have known the use of notice board around our daily life. Even it plays a vital role in public places like bus stops, railway station and hospitals. But with a great shift in technology we could revolutionize this kind of notice board by taking it wireless. So that’s what this Wireless notice board […]


Garduino – Automatic plant watering system

During summers, most people are too lazy to water the potted plants every day and plants will eventually wither if people go out on vacation. Here is a simple Automatic plant watering system that can water plants in your absence. It is an Arduino based automatic plant water-feeder system that uses a soil moisture sensor. […]


Project X – Smart home control using Arduino

Project X – Smart home control using Arduino is all about automating your home smartly. Imagine your home responding to external condition by altering itself and that’s exactly what this project enables your home to do. Also this product features manual control just in case if you don’t want everything to be automatic. WHAT IT […]


Toast Buttering Robot #ArduinoMonday

We love this project from William Osman, via the arduinoblog. What’s better than butter? An extremely violent toast buttering robot built from junk motors, laser cut wood, and zip ties. Read more. Each Monday is ArduinoMonday here at Adafruit! Be sure to check out our posts, tutorials and new Arduino related products. Adafruit manufactures the […]


Solar powered Beacon circuit

Demo setup – Ensure your circuit is protected by direct sunlight Beacons are used for the purpose of guiding travelers or marking significant places or things. In early days fire and light serves as beacon for travelers as explorers. Nowadays beacon have evolved very much from fire and light. While on a trek i have […]


Efficient Six-Legged Robot #Biomimicry

Via Inverse Why aren’t there more real-life robots like BB-8? It seems roboticists are more concerned with building bots that mimic what we see in the natural world. But sometimes, the solution found in nature is not the optimal one. In a paper published this week in the journal Nature Communications, a group of roboticists […]