NEW PRODUCTS – Adafruit WINC1500 WiFi Shields: with PCB Antenna / uFL Connector

NEW PRODUCTS – ADAFRUIT WINC1500 WIFI SHIELDS: WITH PCB ANTENNA / UFL CONNECTOR Connect your Arduino-compatible to the Internet with these WiFi shields that feature the FCC-certified ATWINC1500 module from Atmel. The 802.11bgn-capable WiFi module is the best new thing for networking your devices, with SSL support and rock solid performance – running our MQTT demo for a […]


Escape Room Puzzle Using 4 Reed Switches Hidden Inside a Globe | @iliketomakestuf #escaperoom #puzzle #arduino

“The electronics are really what make this puzzle possible.” Always fun spotting Adafruit tech used in project videos by luminary makers! In the video (below) from Bob Clagett multiple reed switches hidden inside a globe initiate a countdown timer displayed on our own 4-digit 7-segment display, which also displays a ‘lockCode’ when all the reed […]


Reversible Fabric from Stanford Researchers Capable of Warming and Cooling #WearableWednesday

From Stanford News: Stanford researchers have developed a reversible fabric that, without expending effort or energy, keeps skin a comfortable temperature whatever the weather. In a paper published Nov. 10 in Science Advances, a team led by Yi Cui, professor of materials science and engineering, created a double-sided fabric based on the same material as […]