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Arduino and Open Source Hardware by Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories.

We love Arduino and we, along with a large and diverse set of communities, have benefitted enormously from the breadth and depth of the Arduino family and its resources. This is an exciting era for Arduino and for open source hardware, with the debut of the first Arduino and compatible boards based on silicon level open source hardware.

However, we are deeply concerned that several recent products from Arduino are claiming to be open source but upon research, indeed do not appear to be so. Arduino, once one of the standard bearers in our community, now seems to be falling into the grey area of OSHWINO (Open Source Hardware in Name Only).

We would like to openly call for Arduino to immediately publish the missing design files and license information for these products. Even from a basic truth in advertising perspective, future products labeled as open source need to have these requirements met by their time of release. We also join in Dale’s call for bringing the Arduino Foundation into existence: it is more clear than ever that Arduino needs to renew its promise to the community.

Read more (thank you Lenore and Windell).

We emailed to get clarification and where these files are located for the open-source hardware and software products from Arduino. Our questions (amongst many other questions are):

  1. Are the products open source?
  2. If so, where are the open source files?
  3. Ff not, why is it not open source?
  4. PDFs are not considered design files ( “The hardware must be released with documentation including design files, and must allow modification and distribution of the design files.”
  5. The owner/author of many of these is DogHunter/Linino, not Arduino, why is that?

Source: Adafruit – Arduino

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